Travel Blog III: Odysseas Chloridis

Location: Grevena, Greece
Greneva Peaks
Located in the Western part of Greece, Grevena is a small city of approximately 14.000 residents. While the city itself does not boast of any spectacular sight, the nature around it is truly breathtaking, offering some amazing opportunities for anyone who is interested in photography.

My friend’s parents come from a village up the mountains near Grevena called Lavda and when he told me he wanted to visit his grandparents I immediately agreed to come with him. We had been at the place a few years ago and I remembered that the landscapes around the village were staggering.

And that was the main reason I wanted to go there. To capture the breathtaking landscapes that the mountain ranges of Pindos had to offer. I wasn’t disappointed.

The mountain peaks were playing hide and seek with the clouds. The mountain ranges lay in front of us showing us their beauty. We saw landscapes covered with fog. Stone bridges and rivers with emerald waters. A night sky full of stars and beautiful wild horses, living free on the mountains of Pindos.

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