Travel Blog II: Ryan Mogel

Location: Ubud, Bali

“These were taken in Ubud Bali, which is like the cultural hub of Bali, known for having the perfect balance of a traditional country town while also fostering a booming artsy, spiritual & progressive town center. The first photo was taken at the Tegallalang Rice fields which as you can see are huge sloping terraces that were carved into the sides of the hills. 

Pretty incredible to experience in person because it’s a totally unique natural site. Like hiking mountains, seeing rivers & oceans they all have similar qualities obviously, but this was like a natural spectacle I had never experienced before so exploring & walking through it was such a fun and invigorating experience. Especially seeing all the workers harvesting the rice & maintaining certain sections to make sure it was well kept, which was honestly the most surprising aspect to me because there are so many tourist that visit there, but besides the paths the terraces felt & looked essentially untouched. But anyways I had seen a couple drone shots before I went & my idea was to create my own take on that because I felt it was the only way to truly capture the whole essence because it’s extremely vast (each terrace wall is basically the height of me) so taking a normal picture doesn’t do it justice because u can only show a section not the full composition.” 

Instagram handle: @ryrymogel

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